"Keep your mouth closed and let your eyes listen."

There is more to this than you.

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The Tipsy Truth

Sometimes I am left to wonder 

                                  “What the hell just happened?”

Or rather, I am left alone, running through the pouring rain to my car, sobbing on my drive home and wondering

                                          “What the hell just happened?”

But details are insignificant. And cliche.

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Reassurance in Reality

Sometimes i feel like people are so busy living thier lives in their dream world that they forget to live in whats happening right now. What is the real point in wondering “what if" or "it could have happened”? It didn’t. It won’t. And if it was suppose to, it would.

The truth is that the obsticles in our lives are what reassure us that there is some force greater than us keeping us on track. If we did not face these tribulations, then we would have no idea if we are where we are suppose to be. Emotions make us real, and when they are running thier highest, that’s when we know that what around us is real too.

There is this path that we are set on, and in some form it ends in greatness. God would not put us in any situation that we could not handle. We are not set up for failure, but rather to build strength and resilliance. The fact that we are given these obsticles is pure evidence that He wants us to succeed.

Whether or not you believe in a heaven or not, believe in the people around you. The pure fear and uncertainty pumping through their veins proves they are just as real as you. Take a rest with them for just one minute and realize that no matter what, it is impossible for you to be alone. Then

        Breathe in

          Breathe out.

                                          This too shall pass.

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"Sure, we can trade jobs. I will work as a cashier and you can sit at my desk and youtube all day." - local police officer

To be a cop, you just need to attend academy for six months. Then your in.

To be a journalist you must only pay $15,000 a year for the next four years of your life and cross your fingers you get a job in that dying field…

WHAT. AM. I DOING.   Just call me Officer Kristin from now on. :)

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I Wreck Homes

Sometimes as I sit in my classes and listen to people speak, I am amazed. Take for instance my Race, Class and Gender course. We are discussing gender stereotypes. To rattle some off… Men: aggressive, macho, meathead, secure, etc. Women: senstive, delicate, nagging, homemaker…. stop. So as my professor writes “homemaker” on the board, the guy two rows from me chuckles and says in his “I-am-so-clever” voice……. “Homemaker? More like homewrecker.”

Right. The worst part of me wanted to jump my desk and strangle the guy. But my ability to rationalize just led me to this…

YOU, sir, are the exact reason we have to discuss these issues in this class. You are the giant marker that draws the line between men and women. If there were not these kind of stigmatizing biases that you hold, there would be no need for there to be a change in society as a whole. I do not say this because you are a man. Or even because you are just blantantly obnoxious. Just simply because you make yourself look ignorant. And thats on you. Your opinion is fine, but the way you force throw it into our faces is not. So what’s up? Not morality. And certainly not your sense of Humanity.Now I’m not asking you to hear me when I speak, but for everyone else’s sake, at least hear yourself..